Kamil’s plea for UNICEF – IM Charity Skydive 2010 – sponsor me to help children

We can help children – I risk and jump out, you sponsor me and get high value freebies.

24 Internet Marketers have decided to do something extraordinary to help children all over the world. They have teamed up to raise money for UNICEF. I have decided to join them immediately on hearing this as I’ve been supporting UNICEF for over 2 years, and this will allow me to go really big with my support.


The Universe is clearly supporting me – just today a nice lady called Rebecca knocked on my door and asked if I would like to support NSPCC, which helps abused children in the UK. How could I have said no? I have signed up straight away.

Please, help me make some children happy. More about it here: Kamil’s Charity

Many thanks for your generosity.

Kamil K.

“Denying Child Rights Is Wrong.
YOU Can Put It Right.”

Dear Friends,

On Friday 23rd July, there’s going to be a CRAZY bunch of marketers launching themselves out of a plane and into the skies over Peterborough.

My good friend Dawn Mendonca has managed to persuade a bunch of internet marketing ROCKSTARS to put their fears aside to do something that they’ve never done before in their lives.

I’ll reveal WHO these guys are in just a moment and I’m also going to show you how you can get your hands on a copy of their collaborative work, a project that they’re giving away for FREE!

But first, there’s a really important message that I need to get across to you..

Ignorance Is No Excuse

Dawn is a BIG supporter of UNICEF and she’s recently caught my attention with some of the challenges that they face. To be honest, I didn’t really know what is was they actually did, until now.

In fact, I’ll bet that there are millions of people out there who didn’t quite realise how important UNICEF were and much they contributed to the lives of children around the world – until they watched Soccer Aid.

It takes events like that and the massive amount of media coverage that follows to raise awareness of the plight of underpriveleged children. On the surface, it looks like a lot of fun for sure, but behind all the glamour, there’s an important message that sometimes gets lost.

I found this short movie I’d like to share with you, it helps to remind us all why we should care and why we should stop and realise how fortunate we are:

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation focusing on children and child rights, with a presence in more than 190 countries and territories. They work with local communities, partners and governments to ensure every child’s rights to survive and thrive are upheld.

UNICEF UK raises funds for UNICEF’s emergency and development work around the world. In 2008 they raised £42.9 million for UNICEF’s work with children worldwide.

UNICEF UK also advocates for lasting change for children. Their public affairs team works to change government policies and practices that are detrimental to child rights in the UK and internationally.

We Were Absolutely Gutted

We had all come from miles around for this experience. I had even driven down from Manchester after having first gone north to Warrington to pick up Phil Henderson!

Was it meant to be? Well no we don’t think it was. Because there’s now so many more of our friends on board (20 at the last count!) who either couldn’t join us on the original date, or who only just found out about it.

More importantly, it gave us ‘extra time’ to raise more funds for Unicef and that’s what this is really all about. Take a look at these figures and you’ll see why:

£3 could provide three families each with a 10 litre collapsible water container for transporting and storing water

21p could provide a child with a pencil, book and help support their right to education

£425 could provide a tonne of porridge for children in emergency feeding centres, refugee camps or health facilities

£69 could provide a recreation kit containing sports and play material for around 80 children in sri lanka

£3 could keep a family safe from mosquitoes and malaria in the democratic republic of congo

Doesn’t sound like a lot does it?

When put into that sort of perspective, it makes it easier to grab the attention of people like you and me. Simple truths make people sit up and listen.

We’re All Taking A Leap Of Faith

And we need YOUR help…

In exchange for your help, we’re going to give you free access to an eBook that’s borne of these 20 great internet marketing minds. Dawn (with JJ’s help) compiled this awesome product after persuading us all to provide you with some content and value and our own personal insights in our own respective niches of Internet Marketing.

Everyone was absolutely adamant that this information was ONLY made available to those people who made a commitment by putting their hands in their pockets to support UNICEF.

With this FREE product, you’ll get a greater understanding of:

Clickbank Marketing
The Law Of Attraction
Buzz Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Web Design & Usability
Profile Photography
YouTube / Video Marketing
Relationship Building & Networking
Life Coaching

and more!

Now don’t get me wrong, this ISN’T a home study course and this ISN’T a point and click ‘instant riches’ software package. It’s simply a compilation of the stories of 20 great marketing minds; you’ll get to know us a little and you’ll learn some of how we got to where we are.

To get access to this great product all that you need to do is to click the ‘reserve and donate’ button below then donate just $17 or more (£12) to UNICEF in support of the skydive event of the year. Simple!

$17 or more, your call!
Let me put it another way; would you resent giving a charity like UNICEF just $17 (£12) without anything to show for it? I honestly don’t think you would. Let’s face it, we don’t give to receive (well at least that’s my philosophy anyway) and you wouldn’t normally get anything for supporting one of the worlds greatest charities, but we’re making it worth your while to do so.

So all I’m asking you to do is help UNICEF and we will help you in return. That has to be one of the fairest propositions ever!

If still you’re in any doubt as to WHY you should donate, please just take a look at this short video featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s an example of one of the many projects that UNICEF UK are involved in:

I don’t know about you, but while I was watching that I got a little teary eyed. I’d never seen it before I put this page together and I’m glad I did. Along with the one at the top of this page, It’s given me a greater understanding of some of the things that UNICEF represent.

UNICEF relies on voluntary donations to fund their vital work for children and their rights. They receive no funding from the UN budget. UNICEF UK raises funds for these programmes through donations, the sale of cards and gifts, partnerships with companies and special events (just like this one).

UNICEF UK is a charity registered in England and Wales, (No 1072612) and we’re doing everything we can to support them so please help us out by digging deep. Let me you remind you once again who ‘we’ are:

Dawn Mendonca, Jason Fairfield, Saj P, Shaqir Hussyin, Dean Hunt, Phil Henderson, Edel O’Mahony, Colette Mason, David Still, Sylvain Raveleau, Suzanne Barnett, Julia Serbanete, Amir Nazir, JJ Gidi Paku, Cher Pearce, Ahmad Jooma, Dominika Mastalska, Kamil Wawrzyszko, Zbyszek Skowyrski and Eamonn Madden.

We’re all making the jump on Friday 23rd July for causes like the ones you’ve seen here today.

Will You Join Us?
If you’d like to come along and watch us jump out of plane and share in our experience, we’d love to see you there. Our day starts around 8am on 23rd July at Chatteris Airfield, Near March, Peterborough.

It’s going to be a gorgeous day to remember, so why not bring lunch? Throw a picnic together and chuck a bottle in too. Come and hangout in the company of some great people. That’s a personal invitation!

Get on the guestlist here

The postcode for the airfield is PE15 0FB. Sat nav’s will have no problem getting you there but you can click here for Google Maps or click here for North London Parachute Centre.

We’ve already got 2 professional photographers on board; David Still and Sylvain Raveleau, they’re two of the coolest people I know and are both featured above in the list of crazy people jumping out of a plane!

Both of these guys have donated their services for free and will be joining us to capture it all. We’re also hearing that one of the local TV stations will be covering the event.

For The Next 24 Hours Only:

We couldn’t possibly give you a free trial or a money back guarantee (life’s no trial for these kids who need our help) and we didn’t originally have any special offers or bonuses; that is until two of my good friends stepped forward to offer their support.

These guys made this ‘offer’ even more irresistable and they’re giving their stuff away – completely free of charge!

For the next 24 hours ONLY when you donate $17 or more (£12), in addition to helping UNICEF raise much needed funds AND in addition to receiving your free complementary copy of ‘The Book To Freedom,” you will also receive the following 2 FREE blockbuster bonus offers:
Donation Bonus 1

Sohail Khan (founder of TheJVclub.Com) built a multi-million pound internet training business which he started with just £1,000 in 2000, he then sold a majority stake to a £75M IT company in 2006. Sohail will send you a free copy of his Joint Venture package worth $500!

Donation Bonus 2

Mark Nathwani (founder of GenieDream.com) owns the largest PLR (Private Label Rights) store in the world and is offering you 50 PLR products completely free of charge on the same donation – and you get to choose too. 50 products of your choice. Free.

Sohail and Mark earlier this year in Mayfair, London.

Why on earth are these guys are doing this? Well, the simple answer is because it’s for a worthy cause and if it means that more people will donate, then they’re happy with that.

Please, DO IT NOW, click the button below and pledge a minimum of just $17 (£12) and you’ll get access to:

• The Book To Freedom, from the 20 Internet Marketing Skydivers
• Sohail Khan’s Joint Venture package worth $500
• Mark Nathwani’s 50 PLR Store Products

All free of charge when you donate just $17 or more to Unicef.

I honestly can’t tell you what time these offers from Sohail and Mark are being pulled so please, don’t waste any more time.

We don’t think there’s any further need to try and justify why you should donate right away.

Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoyed learning about our adventure and I wish you all health, wealth and happiness.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Jason Fairifeld