Unity and Honesty

Unity and honesty are two very important values in my life. I have observed a lot of dishonesty in various areas of life, especially in business and marketing. Although these are very rare cases, they cast a very negative light on the whole industry. People’s perception of the market changes in a way that there is a lot of mistrust. That creates additional issues for both the buyers and the businesses. The buyers need to spend more time examining the product and doing due diligence, while the businesses need to offer more guarantees and spend more time and resources to assure the customers about the results they are going to get.

Honesty seems to be the best policy everywhere – in your relationships, in business, social life, with your friends – everywhere. If everybody was honest, we would completely trust  each other and we would have no fear. We would not waste time and energy thinking “Did he really mean it? Does she really like me? What if they fire me?” etc. We could use all our energy on what we love, creating magnificent life for all humans.

Please, join me in promoting unity and honesty. As and example I created this project – please, come on board:

Mentor an IM Newbie

Project’s DOB: 18 Jan 2011

Values: Unity, honesty and growth

Project leader: Kamil K. Wawrzyszko

In a nut shell:
A seasoned businessman / marketer will choose at least one newbie or aspiring entrepreneur and mentor them for 2 months for free. In exchange the mentoree will provide testimonials, support others in the group and will share their experience. Mentors will mastermind with each other to improve both their mentoring and their core businesses.


  • To create a bigger sense of community within IM community
  • To promote unity and honesty within the industry
  • To help aspiring marketers on their way to having an online business
  • To get to know yourself as somebody who cares and makes a real difference
  • To create a master mind group for IM pros, so that they could help each other with their business ventures
  • To enhance or discover leadership skills of all people involved

Conclusion of the project:

On Sunday the 10th of April at least 6 of us will meet for a dinner in central London to celebrate the completion of the project. The mentors will discuss their journey, and the mentorees will share their results.
By 19th March The Specific Measurable Results the Project Will Produce Are:

  1. All 5 newbies will be posting their success stories on FB and other medias.
  2. All 5 newbies will have had at least 4 mentoring sessions.
  3. All 5 mentors will have had at least 4 mastermind sessions.

By 5th February The Specific Measurable Results I Will Produce in My Target Community Are:

  1. At least 5 IM pros will be enrolled into the project.
  2. At least one mastermind session will be help to discuss project details.
  3. A detailed program / description / T&C will be agreed.

General terms:

IM pros will act as mentors of IM newbies, who will be their mentorees.

Each mentor will:

  1. Mentor at least one IM newbie.
  2. Will choose their own mentorees.
  3. Will chooses their own way of interacting with mentorees, their own way of coaching, mentoring and motivating them.
  4. Will dedicate at least 30 minutes a week for each of their mentorees (exceptions allowed within reason).

Each mentoree will:

  1. Be completely dedicated and involved in their marketing venture.
  2. Be on time for the mentoring call.
  3. Conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  4. Share the results with the group.
  5. Give testimonials, if requested.

Project leader:

  1. Will support all mentors and mentorees.
  2. Will help resolve any issues.
  3. Will co-ordinate the whole project completely, so all the mentors and mentorees can focus on their objectives.
  4. Will organize and lead mastermind sessions for mentors.
  5. Will organize the final evening to conclude the project.

All the terms and conditions are negotiable, based on friendship and mutual respect.