The missing piece to your wealth and happiness by Andy Shaw

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Andy Shaw


Robert, the reason why you and virtually everyone else is searching for the missing piece is that is what the programming has trained you to think… This is the control element of society, nothing luminati here or anything like that… It is just the by-product control element which exists, society creates this as instinctively we know there is a missing piece.

Which of course is right in a way, but it’s not one missing piece, it is the place where all the missing pieces are, or rather it is the place where all of the junk obscures the missing piece, i.e. your mind. This is why instinctively we as a race know we are close to the answer, in fact we are intimately close to it, as the answer is inside us.

The problem is the world is looking in the wrong place for the answer!

The reason the world needs a short-cut is that they do not know they are heading in the right direction. Take me for example, I sat down and figured out which direction was the right way for me… Then every single step I take, takes me towards where I want to go… I could rush, but that would create more rushing… And besides, I wouldn’t get to enjoy the journey.

The reason the world feels the need to rush, is that they are expecting to get it wrong and go off in the wrong way, meaning that they will have to return to the start and begin again… So they repeat the circle of rushing to get nowhere… I describe this as the whole world is in a race, however, they have no sense of direction… So they rush and rush and end up lost and exhausted before finally giving up on ever becoming successful… In the end they conclude that they are not cut out for success… However, we are all natural success creators, most people just didn’t use their natural ability so lost it instead.

What you should focus on instead after removing the virus that is, is discovering what you want to have had in your life. Find out what you want and define it in the most simplistic detail… then you will have created a map and you will have your sense of direction back. I cover exactly how to do that in my second book, Using A Bug Free Mind. But there is no point doing the 2nd part until you’ve got rid of the virus… as you will end up at square one and need to rush some more…

One question to ponder is this… In your entire life, has rushing ever actually worked for you?

Or when you did succeed somewhere and it looked like rushing was involved, go and have another look at it. You’ll find that you were just working consistently strongly in a workman style way… In other words, you weren’t rushing…

Rushing just creates the need for more rushing, fast is slow, slow is fast.

Have a great weekend

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