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My source of wisdom: The Breakthrough Experience by John Demartini


Dr John Demartini is one of many great people that I admire and learn from. His book and event The Breakthrough Experience are amazing sources of wisdom and enlightenment. I would love all of you to read this book, so you can benefit as much as I did: I changed my view on life, misfortune, relationships, money, family and friends. Due to those changes I am now constantly happy, inspired to act every day, and I am more powerful dealing with people and situtations in my life. 
Still not convinced? Watch the video below:




Amazon US: http://bit.ly/US-Demartini-BE

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/UK-Demartini-BE



The Secret – US – http://bit.ly/US-The_Secret-Movie
The Secret – UK – http://bit.ly/UK-The_Secret-Movie
From the Back Cover:
This book is about breaking through the barriers that keep us from
experiencing our true nature as light. It presents inspiring science
and philosophy in a way that is completely accessible to anyone, to
reveal and explore the universal laws and principles that underlie
our very existence. Those principles are set forth in extraordinary
but true stories of ordinary people having astonishing and moving
life experiences.
• Manifest your dreams
• Discover the secrets to opening your heart beyond
anything you have imagined
• Increase love and appreciation for every aspect of your life
• Receive profound insights on how to create more
fulfilling and caring relationships
• Reawaken your birthright as a true genius
• Transcend the fears and illusions surrounding the myth of death
• Reconnect with your true mission and purpose on Earth
This is not just a book, it is what the title implies – an experience –
and it is impossible to go through it without being moved, challenged
and changed. Welcome to…The Breakthrough Experience.
Dr John F. Demarti ni, the bestselling author of The Riches Within, is
considered one of the world's leading inspirational speakers. He appeared
as one of the experts on The Secret. He travels the world continually,
speaking to packed audiences where he goes and regularly visits the UK.

Converting “Go to Webinar” video to MP4 and WMV with Expression Encoder 4

Here’s the description and videos of how to do it step by step – it took me over 20 hours of experimenting before I got it right. Let’s start from the beginning.

The task:

  • Converting a webinar recording into a video that will play on a website (we’re talking video streaming here).


  • Go2webinar videos will not play on a website and cannot be read properly by most video editing software – an error will be generated during video encoding (I have tested Freemake Video Converter, Camtasia, Any Video Converter, Power Director and a few others and they all could not handle G2W video encoding or failed to make a video that would play properly on a website).
  • WMV are not the best format for websites – will not be played unless your browser has a plug-in that supports WMV.
  • Most video converters (the above mentioned) will not produce MP4 optimized for streaming

What’s needed:

  • The webinar video converted into MP4 file encoded with H264 and optimized for websites (MPEG 4 codec can also be used, but H264 is much better).


  1. Import Go2webinar recording into Expression Encoder 4 (that’s the version I tested).
  2. Encode it into MP4 (if you have the full version) and you’re done, or encode into WMV (if you have the free version).
  3. Encode the WMV video into MP4 using AVS video converter or any other software.

Alternative solution:

  1. Do step 1 and 2 above.
  2. Upload to YouTube or another service that converts videos, and then download the file they create or embed it in your website. The problem is that YouTube does not allow videos longer than 15 minutes, unless you have a “special” account.


  • Using the right settings for conversion.
  • Finding a program that will produce MP4 that will play correctly on a website. Most of the programs that I tested failed this test – they produced a video that only played when almost fully downloaded from the website- that defeats the whole conveniece of having the video online – if it’s a large video you need to wait for too long to download the video and you even don’t know if this will work until it starts playing, which can take a long time.
  • Putting it all together the way that serves your purpose

Watch the videos for step by step tutorial with the explanation of all the relevant settings:


[youtube width=”680″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIwBHruz5jU[/youtube]


[youtube width=”680″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTz-Au9dqpk&feature=related[/youtube]


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