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Live in the moment – it’s all you’ve got

“Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action for all eternity.” Johann Kaspar Lavater 1741-1801, Poet and Physiognomist Sure, there have been surprises. Some, not so fun. But you have to admit, with hindsight, moving forward was actually easy. Something worth remembering, The Universe — And there have been surprises that Read More →

Miraculous logistics that can so swiftly change a life

Yes, it’s true. There are so many things you don’t know about. Things, quite frankly, that you can’t know. About the magic, the unseen, and the miraculous logistics that can so swiftly change a life. Yes, it would be enough to daunt even the hardiest of souls. But, then again, Kamil, one needn’t learn the mysteries Read More →

Will you choose your destiny or will you wait for it?

You can choose to go, do, be, and have, and in the end you’ll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the “clicks” and “coincidences,” and the many happy “accidents,” your bounty and good fortune must have been your destiny. Or, you might choose to wait for a Read More →

You can do something about it while you’re there!

For a long time yet, there will still be things not to like in time and space… animal testing, war, discrimination, hatred, to name a few. But you realize, don’t you, that only while you’re there, can you do anything about them? Oh yeah. We can only watch. The Universe Indeed, there are differences only Read More →