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Your “guardian angel” is so gigantic, her halo would reach the moon.

  To put a few “non-things” into a time, space, and material perspective, it’s as if all the love that now bathes the world, Kamil, comes from a heart 7 zillion times larger than your sun. Your “guardian angel” is so gigantic, her halo would reach the moon. And your ultimate happiness is so assured, Read More →

They try to do it all themselves

Have you ever wondered, Kamil, why most people have less trouble with walking and not falling down, talking and making perfect sense, and breathing without stop, than they do with dieting, finding love, or getting rich? Of course not, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s because with walking, talking, and breathing (which, incidentally, Read More →

Is jailbreaking your iPhone a must? Installous rulez.


As a geek and gadget lover I just need to upgrade, crack, hack, jailbreak and do all there is to do with my PC, iPhone, router, hairdryer and washing machine. However, since I became a business man (or a busy man, in other words), I just don’t find it as a proirity. My geek heart hurts, but my business mind says no! 

And especially now, when hackulo.us announced  its first official application – Installous, I find it extremely difficult to resist the temptation. Installous takes on the normal feature of being able to download an IPA, but now you can also install it! Hit the “install” button and it’ll call up Installous and automatically install your IPA! What’s more, IPAs installed through Installous will now automatically sync with iTunes!! Wow – that’s what we all wanted, didn’t we. Now, what shall I do? Listen to my childish heart and go for it, or listen to my adult heart that wants to make a big difference in the world and focus on creating value for customers?

Any help will be appreciated.

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I just didn’t tell you they’d all be like this …

I told you, Kamil, there’d be days, even weeks, like this… Absolutely perfect in every single way, with all things as they should be, where they should be, enfolding you in love. I just didn’t tell you they’d all be like this, Kamil, because some things you just have to experience to believe.Whoop! The Universe Read More →