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A Simple Hug

A Simple Hug She was eighty years young and still very active. In this small town in southwest Virginia, not much happened. It was just another empty day for a senior citizen who lived by herself. Although she has four children, five grandchildren and several great grandchildren, she was often alone. In need of a Read More →

Want to know how to sell expensive packages and get a great mentor for free?

One of the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make, as observed by an top notch business consultant Ron G. Holland, is trying to sell a lot of cheap products instead of focusing on selling just a few expensive ones. It’s so much easier to sell and manage one or a few sales, then multiple. But how do you get people to buy from you? And how to get a mentor for free? Watch the video to find out:

Free Automated Content and Backlins – SEO Link Vine by Brad Callen

Finally a product we all have been waiting for a long time. Fully automated, cleverly designed and audited content creation and link building network from no one else, but Brad Callen: SEO Link Vine   There are two options: FREE and monthly membership. Just give it a go and decide which version is for you. Read More →