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Simple WordPress backup and cloning solution – finally a great plugin

Hi, I have just tested a new plug-in for backing up and cloning WordPress, and I am very satisfied so far. It's the first one I tested that makes a complete backup with just one click and places it within a directory that's available via a public link, so you can donwload it or deploy Read More →

How to create a CV that guarantees interviews – CV Marketing webinar

With over 10 years of experience in creating CV for myself and many of my friends, I have cracked it. I know now how easy it is to create a CV that gives not only an edge, but three edges šŸ˜‰

In this webinar I’ll teach you:

  • how to create a CV that guarantees interviews
  • what is the main purpose of a CV
  • what’s most important at an interview
  • why your CV sucks and what you can do about it
  • why there are only two types of CV’s in reality and what they are
  • what is the best structure of a CV

Play the video and leave your feedback in the comments. IĀ especiallyĀ appreciate suggestions on how I could make it better.


You can watch the whole video here: http://www.kamilsview.com/members/cv-marketing-cv-that-guarantees-interviews/


Please, contact me if you are interested in consultations.


Here are my other short videos on CV’s:







To your success.

Kamil K.

How to Awaken Your Brain in 30 Seconds

This is a technique taught by Win Wenger … It’s simple: close your eyes and visualize in your mind that your head is about one inch bigger all around than it is. Actually *see* this in your mind’s eye. If you hold this image in your head for about 30 seconds straight it sends your Read More →

I just didn’t tell you they’d all be like this …

I told you, Kamil, there’d be days, even weeks, like this… Absolutely perfect in every single way, with all things as they should be, where they should be, enfolding you in love. I just didn’t tell you they’d all be like this, Kamil, because some things you just have to experience to believe.Whoop! The Universe Read More →