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Kamil… we’re already selling stocks and bonds on your garden!

It’s like everyone’s given seeds that are capable of growing into the garden of their dreams, but no one’s been told they even have them. Then, when they see their neighbor’s garden growing, whether it’s because their neighbor actually found their seeds or accidentally spilled them, there’s a rush to see what’s happening. In fact, Read More →

You might already be living the life you love

Very often we complain about our life and we say I need holiday or I need a better job, but really when we got those things we enjoy them for a while and then life seems to be the same. I have just realized yesterday that I am already doing things that I love and Read More →

Decisions upon today’s facts and circumstances

Resist the temptation, Kamil, to base today’s decisions upon today’s facts and circumstances, which are little more than what remains of yesterday’s decisions. Instead, base them upon the facts and circumstances as they will inevitably be once your dreams have already come true, once you’re already deep in friends, laughter, health and harmony, and once Read More →

The tendency to settle upon a cursed how …

The tendency to settle upon a cursed how, Kamil, as a means to achieve a particular goal, is simply a sign that you’ve momentarily forgotten how unlimited, creative, and powerful I am, and that I tirelessly conspire on your behalf when you leave me every option. Let me loose, The Universe Yes, of course you’re Read More →