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Kamil K and Saj P on Internet Marketing – advice on making money online

This video was recorded while we were waiting to do our charity Skydive for UNICEF, and, unfortunately, there is a lot of wind noise, nevertheless, information is first class. Saj and I have concluded that there is a lot of misleading information on making money online, so we decided to make a short video to explain to people how it really is. Saj (aka Saj P.) is an expert on CPA and many other areas of Internet marketing. He says that his really big success only started after he teamed up with Alex Goad, who became his mentor. Saj says that you do not necessarily need a mentor, but he highly recommends getting one.

For beginners and intermediate marketers Saj recommends Warrior Forum, which is a great source of valuable information.

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Kamil K.

You are very lucky, if you can watch this!

You do not realise how rich and lucky you are if you can afford to watch this. Most people in the world cannot afford that at all. You can change that. Not everywhere, but you can change it today. You can learn more from this video:

Thank you for your generosity: http://www.doitforcharity.com/Kamil

Kamil prosi o wsparcie UNICEF’u i pomoc dzieciom – IM Charity Skydive 2010

Zrób dziś coś niezwykłego: zasponsoruj dziecko i wygraj nagrody. 24 specjalistów od Marketingu Internetowego zdecydowało się wyskoczyć z samolotu na wysokości 3 km by zebrać fundusze dla UNICEF’u. Gdy tylko o tym usłyszałem, natychmiast postanowiłem do nich dołączyć, gdyż już od ponad 2 lat wspieram UNICEF UK, a ta akcja pozwoli mi zrobić coś na Read More →

Kamil’s plea for UNICEF – IM Charity Skydive 2010 – sponsor me to help children

We can help children – I risk and jump out, you sponsor me and get high value freebies. 24 Internet Marketers have decided to do something extraordinary to help children all over the world. They have teamed up to raise money for UNICEF. I have decided to join them immediately on hearing this as I’ve Read More →