Simple WordPress backup and cloning solution – finally a great plugin


I have just tested a new plug-in for backing up and cloning WordPress, and I am very satisfied so far. It's the first one I tested that makes a complete backup with just one click and places it within a directory that's available via a public link, so you can donwload it or deploy on another site using the same software. Have a look at the screenshots below. 

  • Instant Backup
  • Restore Anywhere

  • Clone-It Technology
  • Protect Yourself

This one is quite inexpensive, but it's solid and professional and there is constant development. It looks like someone has really decided to provide the best in WP backup and cloning. 


Backup Creator Settings - WordPress backup and cloning plugin


Here are the main features:


1. Backup your sites and have total peace of mind

2. Setup your membership site or blog any way you
want it, and "restore" it in just a couple of
clicks to any other web host, web site, domain
name, anywhere
3. Get paid for 5 minutes of work… to backup,
move a site, restore a site, setup your own
4. No FTP required, just know how to click
"install plugin" and you can do it
It's really that simple – just one click!

I'm a technical person and like to play around, but with websites cloning I just can't get why some people make is so complicated. I love this one. I'll keep you posted on my experiences with it.


You can get it here:


Here's what its creators say:

Instant Backup

Just click one button and your backup is automatically created and shipped to the secure destination of your choice



Restore Anywhere

Instantly restore your website or WordPress blog to any destination you like



Clone-It Technology

Our proprietary Clone-It technology ensures that you can quickly and easily deploy unlimited number of client sites pre-configured in just seconds


Protect Yourself

Whether you have a blog that you use to keep your family updated on your latest vacation, operate a successful online store or create websites for other people you will feel better knowing that your blogs, websites and templates are just a single-click away






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