Poverty and Riches Are Offspring of Thought

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge – both poverty and riches are offspring of thought.”

Napoleon Hill
1883-1970, Author of Think and Grow Rich


Buddy, everything is easy when you live in a dream world.

As long as you know that you’re dreaming.

You do and you can –
The Universe

Hey, can you hear me now? You’re dreaming! Right now! Wake up! Please! You’re dreaming! Seize the day, have it your way, ask for and prepare to receive… the sun, the moon, and the stars!

Hey … wake up….


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2 Thoughts on “Poverty and Riches Are Offspring of Thought

  1. How do you explain that? How can poverty be an offspring of thought? Pls explain this bombshell

    • Kamil Wawrzyszko on 27/02/2016 at 22:48 said:

      It’s very simple. Riches and poverty are created by people. There is no poverty in nature. A sparrow or dolphin do not consider themselves rich or poor. It’s the thinking that creates riches or poverty. Rich people get richer because of how they think, which leads them to take different actions to poor people. Poor people can be taught how to think in a rich way and create wealth too.

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