Lack of action points to a huge contradiction

Please tell anyone who wants to know, Kamil, that a dream not followed by consistent action, however humble or small the actions may be, points to either a huge contradiction or a gigantic misunderstanding. Because when people get clear and realize just how powerful they truly are, wild horses can’t stop them from taking even Read More →

Everyone is safe. Nothing “bad” is going to happen.

It is OK. You are alright. You needn’t second guess anymore. Everyone is safe. Nothing “bad” is going to happen. All of the promises have been kept. And you could not possibly be more adored.By me, The Universe

Successful People Take Action

“One difference between successful people and all the rest is that successful people take action.” Bob Proctor Speaker and Author ————————–

Everybody can be right at the same time

There’s never just one right answer. And there’s never just one right question. All of the above, The Universe ———————— Same for paths, people, and dessert, my friend.