This is the time to invite fate, tempt passion, and expect miracles

So much love, blazing insights, a wild imagination, and opposable thumbs… hey, do you know what this means?!You’re nearing the zenith of your evolutionary curve! Don’t delay!! This is the time to invite fate, tempt passion, and expect miracles by dreaming big and taking nonstop action!! All things are indeed looking possible and you alone Read More →

Success is simply not giving up

“I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn’t give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you.” Harrison Ford Actor —————————— Young souls learn to accept responsibility for Read More →

Let them know that you trust them

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon them and to let them know that you trust them.” Booker T. Washington 1856-1915, Educator and Writer —————————————– If knowledge is power, imagination is kryptonite. Sk-blam, The Universe A good kind of kryptonite, buddy.

Great Enthusiasm Makes Faults Seem Insignificant

“Most great men and women are not perfectly rounded in their personalities, but are instead people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it makes their faults seem insignificant.” Charles A. Cerami Author ———————- See their good. See nothing else. Do it for you.Tallyho, The Universe This is how we roll. ———————- Please, leave your Read More →