My Chief Definite Purpose (based on Napoleon Hill)

7 June 2014

1. My major desire in life (thing, position, or circumstance that I would be willing to accept as my idea of success):

I am a millionaire and an international celebrity, and I have millions of fans. I inspire, educate and entertain people all over the world, and I own a very successful TV channel. I have a large team of people working for me and ready to implement all my ideas. I share my life with a wonderful woman, and I can afford anything I desire. Money just flows to me from multiple sources on continuous basis. I have a very healthy body and a powerful mind. I live the way I please and I’m at peace with myself.

2. In exchange for what I desire:

I deliver highly engaging videos, speeches, and presentations inspiring people to build their wealth, freedom and happiness. I help others to create a life they love.

3. Power statement:

I have my mind closed to all negative suggestions. I create and maintain a friendly alliance with others who support me in my endeavours.

4. Prayer:

I ask not the divine providence for more riches, but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind towards whatever end I desire.

5. Major goals:

  • By 10th of March 2016 I will have earned over £1,000,000 for all the services I have provided.

  • By 10th March 2020 I will own a big TV/YouTube channel with over 10,000,000 regular viewers.

  • By 10th March 2040 I will have created moneyless self sustained societies.

Kamil K. Wawrzyszko



Now work and your own! You can have the first part of in in only 5 miutes. Don't think – just write and make sure it excites you 🙂



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