How to become a millionaire during recession


You are probably aware that many millionaires are created during recession, but have no idea how. Actually, there are so many ways you can become a millionaire that there's no point in enumerating them all. Nevertheless, I'll give you an example of what you can do: providing a cheaper alternative to a product or a service that people need to buy anyway: food, transport, clothing, childcare, communication, etc. If you can provide them cheaper and better than the competition, people will be happy with lower quality as long as they can save money with it. In any case, creating a profitable business will require solid business foundations: plan, funding, implementation, accounting, processes, etc. and all that takes time, expertise, and a team of specialist.

Good news is that even if you are not ready to go through that, you can still jump on the bandwagon with whatever expertise and resources you have. You simply need to join a team that already has the expertise that you don't have. And here is your chance to do just that.

We have created a solid way of creating big money from distressed companies – in fact, we have been doing it for years, and we are expanding even more. This is an opportunity for willing players, who understand that making big money requires serious work, creativity and the right team. We have a dream team with scores of years of experience in various aspects of running businesses including financiers, directors, accountants, marketers, IT people and implementors.

Due to our growth and effective process streamlining, we have grown tremendously and now we are looking for the following:

  1. On-line marketing specialists with proven track record.
  2. Business owners with distressed businesses that turn over £500k to 10m
  3. Investors with £50k to 500k.
  4. Networkers / connectors – people who can connect us with any of the above.
  5. Other specialist and dedicated players, who see a role for themselves in this model.

If you are one of the above, we would like to talk to you and discuss how we could work together and create multi-million pound profitable companies.

Please, call me on my mobile 079 214 36 368 or email me on, if you are seriously interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kamil K. Wawrzyszko

(Ron Holland's partner)




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