You might already be living the life you love

Very often we complain about our life and we say I need holiday or I need a better job, but really when we got those things we enjoy them for a while and then life seems to be the same. I have just realized yesterday that I am already doing things that I love and I do not appreciate that as I believe that I should be doing something else or that I could have done something differently. Then I imagined doing those things and it turned out that it still feels empty as I have not taken care of the things that matter to me most right now. And actually, right now am I working to take care of those things, so I am doing what I’m supposed to do, and what I’m doing are actually things that I like and even love doing – I just make them wrong due to many illusions that I live in.

What illusions are you living in? Do you think that you will only be happy if you:

  • get married
  • buy a house
  • go on that dream holiday
  • meet the right person
  • get a pay rise
  • etc

The truth is that the only way to happiness is to be yourself, to do things that you love doing and that make you feel important, and things that take you to your goals. If there is a resistance, simply step back and ask:

  • Is there a better way of doing it?
  • Is this the right thing to do right now?
  • What else can I do?

And go with the flow 😉

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