How to Talk Nonsense and Still Be Interesting

What happens when talking lover is challenged? He takes it. And what happens if there is no challenge for a while? He creates one!

See what happened when I got inspired by a comment my friend made on Facebook about my video. You’ve never heard more interesting non-sense in action:

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“My mission is to help everyone solve all the life’s challenges in minutes or seconds, and to help create a life of love and inspiration for everyone, so that immediately there is more love, freedom and fun on our planet.”

7 Thoughts on “How to Talk Nonsense and Still Be Interesting

  1. Hey Kamil,

    This is utter utter BS, but what an original idea. I like it mate, very good job there. I think you’re onto something… why not expand on the concept and make it viral?


  2. This idea has the makings of a viral campaign. It’s a highly amusing concept – talk about nonsense for five minutes. Kamil you are a genius.

    • Paul,

      My friend, I really appreciate your comment. Feel free to borrow my idea 🙂

      You’re a genius, too – you just need to discover the nature of your genius 🙂


  3. Genius Kamil – 10/10 xxx

  4. Complete and utter nonsense!

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