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Personal life?

Your business?


​Either I will help you or I will find someone who will! It's a win win for all of us. Just call me for a friendly chat and you'll be happy you have.

I am your one stop shop for all the major issues and challenges you might have in your business or in private life.

Areas of expertise:

  1. Coaching:
    • efficiency and organization
    • communication skills
    • relationships
    • self worth
  2. Mentoring: 
    • increasing profits
    • reducting overheads
    • saving and wealth creation strategies
  3. Business consulting:
    • marketing
    • raising finance
    • branding
    • strategy
  4. IT:
    • Microsoft Windows and Office (workstations and servers)
    • networking
    • user training
    • office network
    • security
    • etc.
  5. Websites:
    • design (WordPress)
    • marketing
    • profits
    • optimazation.
  6. Video:
    • design
    • production
    • speaker training
    • script writing
  7. Other:
    • whatever else you think I might be able to help you with!

Your success is just one phone call or one email away. Call me now (until you are in the mood) for a friendly chat and let's see how we can move you forward in a big way!

+44 79 214 36 368


Skype: Kamil.Ruok

To your success!



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