Free business leads for only a small favour? Yes!!!

This is brilliant, so I had to share it. On Friday I was in the leaders' training in Ron Holland's office, and Ron inroduced this guy, who asked us for help to contact his leads as he could not handle it. Can you imagine? Everyone in any business is always looking for leads, and this guy has too many!  We are in his ISN team, so he will benefit from us having them, so he passed them on. Guess what was the first thing we did! We asked him how he gets his leads, of course. Guess what! He told us and he said that he even gets them for free! 

I'm going to share it with you as that benefits me too. It's the power of network. You just need to spend a few minutes a week to reciprocate the favour (nothing dodgy or silly, of course, in case you're wondering), and free leads are flooding it. Sign up here:

I have upgraded my account to Premium as $20 to test it for a month as it is not a lot of money to ask for a good system. BTW, I will not make any money from you upgrading it, but I will benefit from you joining the system – so will you! Join for free, anyway, or upgrade any time.

To your wealth, freedom and happiness!

Kamil K. Wawrzyszko

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