Explode Your Twitter Marketing By Avoiding These Mistakes

Can Twitter really be used as a marketing tool? Sure it can, but you need to understand what mistakes to avoid making before you venture into it.

You must be able to identify your target market before you even begin your Twitter marketing campaign. Sending your followers too many messages that are off topic will cause them to ignore you or stop following you. If people follow you to get information on a certain topic, don’t make the mistake of sending out too many tweets on unrelated subjects. Marketers will often send out tweets on many topics because they are trying to connect with their followers as much as possible, and this is a good motive. While you want to build trust and friendliness with your followers, however, you also have to stay on target with your tweets. If your tweets are not mostly about your chosen topic, it will be hard to build a following based on that topic. It’s fine if you occasionally tweet on other, random topics to entertain your followers.

The majority of your tweets, however, should have something to do with your own market. If your target market is herbal remedies, then the majority of your tweets should be telling your followers something about this topic. One way to lose your followers is to tweet randomly and forget about your original purpose.

Many new marketers make the Twitter mistake of not doing anything in the hopes that individuals will flock to them and become followers. Unless you are some kind of celebrity, you are going to have to put in some good old fashioned hard work to get people to follow you in large numbers. Most of the time you will notice that when you start following someone, they would most definitely do the same. This is how Twitter should be approached at first, as you’re just working on solidifying bonds between people in your subject matter. One strategic move you can make is start following every expert within your niche that you can find and then see if you can get them to retweet what you’ve tweeted. This just goes to show you how powerful Twitter is when it comes down to marketing. It’s a great way to get more customers by actually going out and collecting them instead of having them have to come your way. Not only that, but when you are actually selecting them, you will have the ability to by sort of choosy who you let into your circle.

Avoid making the mistake of using improper language on Twitter when you’re building a relationship with your followers. If you use offensive language, don’t be surprised if people start abandoning your followers list. Keep in mind that it’s all about them viewing you as someone they want to do business with and someone who knows what they’re talking about. If you’re always cussing like a sailor, you could find your reputation tarnished. You now see how Twitter can improve your business, but only if you go about it the right way, and you avoid the blunders we just spoke of.

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