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What keeps you unhappy and how to turn it around

Every now and then I catch myself being dissatisfied with my situation, even though I have just made a major breakthrough or achieved really great goal that I did not even expect. In those moments I remind myself that the way I feel is directly correlated to my background conversations with myself. They are in the background, so they are not "visible", therefore easy to miss. The first thing I look into is what I am telling myself that is definitely not true, but it seems it is. And it usually is one of those:

  1. Why do I need to do it? (referring to whatever project I'm working on right now)
  2. Again that boring work!
  3. I should be doing something else.
  4. There are some more exciting things to do.
  5. I could be lying in bed now!

And it goes and goes, until it becomes boring. Once I identify those conversations, I start feeling much better, and I start telling the truth to myself to put me in touch with reality:

  1. No one is forcing me to do anything.
  2. I'm going to that office, because I have chosen to, even though I don't feel like going there now.
  3. When I train martial arts, I experience similar mental challanges, but I keep going and I get great results in the end.
  4. I don't know for sure that if I were doing something else I would be more sattisfied right now, and even if I did, it would not last for long.
  5. The way I feel can be changed right now if I really want to.

Once I get hold of the truth, I choose to experience joy and happiness, which can be done any time, right here and now. Watch my videos on experiencing joy to learn how to do it. 



Now that I'm happy and joyous, I start creating conversations that will inspire me right here and right now, e.g.:

  1. I can be happy right now without any conditions, circumstances etc, so I choose to be happy no matter what.
  2. Now that I'm happy and fulfilled, I can just be with whatever there is, because life is always like that. It just is, and we can choose to be happy with what is.
  3. Today I create the possibility of being loving, inspiring and vital, in all circumstances. 


It's really east and the power is yours. Just keep practising until it becomes a habit.

If the above does not work, I check my integrity, but I'll tell you about that another time 🙂




Free Cloud Computing for your business

Can I help you save time and money in your business and at the same time increase convenience of resource management, including email, documents and files? All departments and functions can be migrated to the cloud, including accounting, HR, IT, etc.


Cloud computing is not only the future which has already arrived, but also the cheapest and most convenient option for most individuals and businesses. It gives you access to all your business resources from anywhere in the world via the internet. Most cloud based services are free, so let me help you migrate your business to the cloud. I recommend Google Apps and DropBox, and I also use many others that can be used in your business. For some services you might need to pay a small fee, but it is still unbelievable ROI.

Play the videos:





Please, contact me if you’re interested in this service.


There is only one way to be happy – be yourself!

Many people struggle with finding happiness, especially in regards to social acceptance. They envy others their social positions and then do whatever they can to make those people like them. However, the result is usually opposite – they repel others. Why? Because people see that they pretend to be somebody they are not. So the result of pretending is alienation and feeling bad, because when you choose to please others instead of yourself, you betray yourself. So stop pleasing others – please yourself. You can still deliver value and excellent service to others. You can please yourself while still respecting others and not making them angry.


Please, watch the video and leave your comments:


How to edit a video using Windows Live Movie Maker

Hey. If you need to edit videos and you run a computer with Windows, don’t think, but install Windows Live Movie Maker. You can download it for free from Microsoft website – just choose Windows Essentials (WLMM does not come as a separate install), start installation, and choose the components that you need (you can just choose WLMM and nothing else).


Watch this video to see how easy that is:

[youtube width=”680″ height=”400″][/youtube]