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Why the spot price of silver dropped so much in April 2013

Much to my surpirse and the surprise of many other people follwoing the price of silver, after reaching a stable $30 spot price and staying there for a while, instead of expected rise, we have seen a sudden drop to $22. In the light of what we know about silver, in particular the mining costs and high demand for silver in the market, only one explanation can be given: serious manipulation on the market. The questions is how can someone lower the price of something for which there is a huge demand? They can't. That's the answer. If you want to buy real silver, you'll find it very difficult to buy it at less than $30.

So why is the spot price $22-24? Simply because the spot price is the trading price on various markets, many of which trade "non-existent" silver or silver IOU's, which are promises to give the bearer certain amunt of silver. The problem is that most of that silver does not even exist in a form available for sale. In the futre it might be explored or mined, but at the moment it's only a promise, and we know how safe it is to invest into someone's promised backed by nothing but one piece of paper 🙂 (if you have any doubts, it's very risky, to be clear).

Now watch me in a TV program talking about the price of silver, and leave your comments and questions, and share the video with others:



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