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Investing Opportunity Due Diligence Checklist – 19 questions you should ask before you invest

      Purpose and How to use: This checklist is designed for the questions to be researched/asked and answered as far as possible to assist in assessing an investment opportunity and balancing possible over-enthusiasm based on marketing material or tempting high returns. It does NOT require every question to be answered in the positive, Read More →

Free Cloud Computing for your business

Can I help you save time and money in your business and at the same time increase convenience of resource management, including email, documents and files? All departments and functions can be migrated to the cloud, including accounting, HR, IT, etc.


Cloud computing is not only the future which has already arrived, but also the cheapest and most convenient option for most individuals and businesses. It gives you access to all your business resources from anywhere in the world via the internet. Most cloud based services are free, so let me help you migrate your business to the cloud. I recommend Google Apps and DropBox, and I also use many others that can be used in your business. For some services you might need to pay a small fee, but it is still unbelievable ROI.

Play the videos:





Please, contact me if you’re interested in this service.


Online lead generation webinar with Andy Phillips


Andy Phillips is a well established marketer and businessman, specializing in lead generation, with over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. He’s one of the creators of the famous Progressive Property Forum, which was a massive success with over 1000 members  joining in the first day, so he knows how to generate hot leads and how to convert them into customers.

From this webinar you’ll find out how:

  • create leads on-line with just one site
  • create a lead generation site in a few hours
  • continue to generate leads
  • save hours and months avoiding most common mistakes
  • know where to look for leads
  • what technical resources are best (tools)
  • establish yourself as authority in the market
  • many more

Play the video and leave your feedback in the comments. I especially appreciate suggestions on how I could make it better.



The whole video can be watched here:


Download Andy’s presentation – Lead Generation Success Online

And to join Andy’s mentoring program click here: – don’t forget to mention that you were referred by Kamil to get some special bonuses (they change very often, so I can’t tell you what that is now).


To your success.

Kamil K.

Project revision: Mentor an Aspiring Marketer

Dear friends, The community project that I started (Mentoring an IM Newbie) turned out to be bigger than I expected. Therefore, I introduced some changes, including a different name, so that we can focus only on results and take the best advantage of mentoring resources. Mentor an Aspiring Marketer Project’s DOB: 18 Jan 2011 Values: Read More →