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Business Mentor on Pay as You Go?

  How do you reconcile the need to have a mentor with a tight budget? Well, you make it easy for both sides to connect on pay as you go basis. The mentees get the benefits of low investment with no commitment, and the mentor has a chance to show what he is really worth. Read More →

How to become a millionaire during recession

  You are probably aware that many millionaires are created during recession, but have no idea how. Actually, there are so many ways you can become a millionaire that there's no point in enumerating them all. Nevertheless, I'll give you an example of what you can do: providing a cheaper alternative to a product or Read More →

How to make money online by Seth Godin

I have just come across this article by Seth Godin and I was struck by how accurate it is and how cleverly summarised the online money making can be. It completely resonates with my beliefs around that topic. Enjoy:   How to make money online The first step is to stop Googling things like, “how Read More →

Probably the best business opportunity of 2011

Imagine making a great living from making other people's dreams come true!!!     A seasoned investor or a businessman knows all too well that for a business to be a success, it must be built on strong foundations, some of them are great business back office system and a hungry market. Well, you would Read More →