Probably the best business opportunity of 2011

Imagine making a great living from making other people's dreams come true!!!



A seasoned investor or a businessman knows all too well that for a business to be a success, it must be built on strong foundations, some of them are great business back office system and a hungry market. Well, you would be pleased to hear that UK Top Biz Guru – Ron G. Holland – used his genius Eureka creating method and not only has come up with a brilliant idea, but has also created a turn key business ready to go. So what does it have? Here's the list:


  1. Two hungry markets joined together – genius!
  2. Something that actually works and that you can do
  3. No stock and no selling
  4. Earn £100K+ in the first year
  5. High quality marketing materials
  6. First class training, support and mentoring available on tap
  7. Huge commissions, overrides and residuals
  8. Qualified leads – the company provides the lead via extensive campaigns
  9. No restricted territories
  10. On-line an option
  11. Build your own team


So, what's it all about? Well, the business connects well-off discerning gentlemen with attractive ladies with the aim of creating life long relationships, therefore, when you join, you'll be working with rich people and beautiful ladies and help make people's dreams come true – what else can you ask for? Well, you can, and that is a high income. Guess what, you can easily make £100k in your first year.



So what is ‘Romantic London’ all about? Basically it is an ‘up-market’ introduction agency matching UK men with attractive Slovakian women who are looking for marriage or a long term relationship. Why Slovakian women? With the world shrinking by the day and the internet and Social networking sharing what life is like in different parts of the world, women from Eastern Europe are craving for the type of family life we enjoy in the UK. As Slovakia is part of the EU their women do not have the Visa and the immigration problems faced by those women in other eastern European countries. With an ever increasing divorce rate in the UK there are thousands of men here searching for women whose main focus in life is looking after their family rather than pursuing their careers. This may not be politically correct but it’s the truth and these simple facts allow us to provide a much sought after service for our clients.
Here you can download Ron Holland's personal invitation to the business:

(right click above and choose "Download")


PS: I’ve just been handed some research that shows that the introductions market is worth no less than $700 million per annum and is still growing each year. Don’t let others benefit from this massive market, join us and start making real money.

Interested? Find out more here:


 Serious Business Opportunity – Romantic London


If you want to find out more about Ron G. Holland, have a look here:

Ron G. Holland – Top Business Guru – Build Serious Wealth


To your success!

Kamil K. Wawrzyszko


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