Business Mentor on Pay as You Go?


How do you reconcile the need to have a mentor with a tight budget? Well, you make it easy for both sides to connect on pay as you go basis. The mentees get the benefits of low investment with no commitment, and the mentor has a chance to show what he is really worth. Both sides have a chance to get to know each other, before they engage in any long term relationship.

So we here at Eureka Financial have created those unique monthly events called Coffee Mornings with Ron, where anyone can attend for a small fee of £49 and listen to Ron speak about all those important factors that determine your success in business, and afterwards you can ask Ron for advice about anything relating to your business and life. It's a really one of a kind opportunity to get a world class business mentor "on a budget".

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This Month:

The Power Of Visualisation

Discover the real secrets that are not even in 

'The Secret'

(22nd August 2012, 10am – 1pm)


Unlock the hidden power of your mind and discover the secrets no other self help author tells you about visualisation. Ron shares his transformational steps that have helped him create many millionaires, raise millions of pounds investment.

  • Discover how to really use the law of attraction (Something the secret is missing)
  • Discover how to visualize properly and program the mind for success in all areas of life
  • Discover how to succeed (for once and for all) in every goal you set yourself – regardless of resources.
  • Create $1m ideas and turn them into cash
  • Rapidly solve problems, rid yourself of depression and frustration


Location: Viglen House Business Centre, Alperton Lane, HA0 1HD (Nearest Tube – Hanger Lane and Alperton)



Ron G Holland
Onward and Upward







Top Biz Guru – Helping Entrepreneurs Excel!

Coffee Mornings with Ron



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