How to Awaken Your Brain in 30 Seconds

This is a technique taught by Win Wenger …

It’s simple: close your eyes and visualize in your mind
that your head is about one inch bigger all around than it

Actually *see* this in your mind’s eye.

If you hold this image in your head for about 30 seconds
straight it sends your nervous system a signal to pump
more oxygen to your brain.

It’s a bizarre “brain hack,” but it’s actually measurable
via CT scan.

People who try it usually experience a sense of heightened
alertness on the first try. (if it didn’t work – try a few
times – really *see* your head as being larger in your
mind’s eye)

Now go and try it, and share your experience with us.



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5 Thoughts on “How to Awaken Your Brain in 30 Seconds

  1. Dostalem wylewu ,jestem na reanimacji ,dzieki ziom !!!

  2. My dad wouldn’t stop ribbing me that my first school cap at age 6 years was size 7. How would he have dealt with me as a real “big head?” I’d never have lived it down ;-o

    • Hi Peter,

      This sounds like a material for a really good story. What did you get out of that experience? I did not really understand the gist, but I feel it’s humorous 🙂

      I don’t know what size 7 is and what “live it down” means 🙁

      Do you feel like sharing more?


    • Hi Peter,

      Your second comment somehow disappeared – did you delete it? I have a copy from the email, so I’ll paste it here below. My response:

      Peter, I really appreciate your explanations. I think they add a lot of value to the post. Blogging is all about reading and interacting, so the more you comment, the better.

      Many thanks

      Yes Kamil,
      It was a light hearted jokey response so I did not get anything out of it other than mild amusement.
      Hat sizes are based on the diameter of the headband in inches. Size 7 meant that my head was nearly as big as my dad’s and I was only 6. That’s why he teased me. Even now my hat size has only grown to 7 3/8(seven and three eighths).
      To live something down means to live long enough for other people to forget something for which one has been mocked or criticized.
      There isn’t anything more to it. Sorry if I spoiled your valuable posting.

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