About Kamil

Kamil K. Wawrzyszko


I’m passionate about people’s progress and wealth creation. I’m excited about opportunities to be with people to help them get the best out of their lives, and to get the best out of my own life and having fun at the same time.


Full name: Kamil Krzysztof Wawrzyszko (aka Kamil K.)

(pronounced: kah-meal kzhish-toff vahv-zhish-koh)

Lives in: London, UK

Born: 1976 in Poland

Main passions: Personal Development, Wealth Creation, Self-Improvement, Martial Arts, Technology, Movie and Video Making

Latest BIG goal: Being in a big Hollywood movie!

Latest BIG project: getting a role in a movie or a TV program!

Ultimately we all are human beings (whatever that means to each of us) who are looking for a way to express our own uniqueness. So we are not plumbers, accountants, teachers, friends, parents, etc – we simply play those roles every now and then, or sometimes we express ourselves as those roles. Ultimately, we are limitless, unbounded and unconstrained – that’s how I see the human race. Nevertheless, people know me as or think of me as:

  • Wealth Creator
  • Business Consultant
  • Transformational Coach
  • Online Marketer
  • Tai Chi practitioner
  • Wing Chun black belt
  • Spiritualist
  • Teacher
  • Leader
  • IT Guy
  • and more

In the end, I am only a human being, and I am privileged to be a human being!

My Story

I was born in 1976 in beautiful Poland, where I lived and completed my technical secondary education and humanistic university education. I worked as an English teacher and later as a trade specialist, and at the age of 26 moved to the UK following my heart, which told me that London was my place. I have always liked talking about serious stuff and at the same time have fun with it by injecting a bit of controversy into topics discussed.

People were quick to notice my philosophical knack, and so in my primary school my classmates and teachers called me Genius (swiftly abbreviated to Genio), and in my secondary school (15-20 years of age) I was known as Professor (swiftly shortened to Psor). Many times in my life I have had this feeling of a deeper meaning of life – a feeling of a grand mission waiting for me. Recently I finally started to discover what it is: empowering people through showing them their real power, and by giving them the wisdom they were looking for. People I have met noticed this talent of mine for giving others the exact message they were looking for. I easily inspire people and show them the way, if only they are ready to see it.

In my vocational life I have worked as a sales assistant, teacher, trader, lecturer, IT engineer, support manager etc, and in many of those jobs I walked into some serious trouble. I was frustrated, not understanding why such a clever guy like me cannot keep a job. Then I felt that this was a sign from the universe that this clever guy cannot be in a job. In November 2009 my last boss asked me to quit, and that was it. I decided not to have a job ever again. I started doing what I was good at already: internet marketing and helping people with their life issues, be it technical or emotional. I set up Internet Marketing Corporation with a friend, and then set up my own blog to spread my message. In August 2011 I joined forces with my mentor, UK Top Biz Guru, Ron G. Holland and started working on his latest genius business Romantic London, which helps busy businessmen find a long term relationship. Very quickly we got involved into other successful projects, including highly lucrative ISN Coins , which broght as a lot of connections and fun.

The World with no jobs:

I genuinely care about others and I want to help them. Unfortunately, I cannot help those who do not want to be helped or are not ready for it. Nevertheless, I will not give up. My ultimate vision is the world with no jobs – people only do things they love and freely express themselves the way they want. I like to question the status quo and make fun of serious and well-established institutions, which have put me in trouble on numerous occasions, but hey, I have learnt a lot from it. Now I know how to reveal the nonsense of the system without making others feel uncomfortable. So have I honed my psychological and speaking skills that people ask me to coach and counsel them and speak on stage.

I also love Tai Chi, Wing Chun, technology, computers, gadgets, studying the nature of life and universe, spirituality, meditation, photography and more. People I admire, amongst others: Dr John Demartini, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Clinton Swaine, T Harv Eker and more.

Daily dose of wisdom: To get some free advice on how to handle life issues to improve your business, relationships and happiness, please, explore my Blog Kamil’s View, where you can find a lot of wisdom and some cool stuff as well.