10 Questions To Discover What Happiness Really Is For You

There are lots of myths about happiness, and we simply cannot have happiness unless we know what that means to us. I found these “questions” to be very helpful in giving us clarity on the subject. Simply read the statements below and finish them without thinking a lot about them – write down your endings/answers for further analysis:

  1. What I know is true about happiness is ….
  2. What I am certain about happiness is…
  3. What makes me happy is …
  4. What I don’t have that would make me happier is …
  5. I can’t possibly be happy unless … or, I won’t be happy until …
  6. What I know about dealing with other people’s happiness is …
  7. What I have learnt from others (or from books or audio recordings) about happiness is …
  8. What I regret and / or resent about happiness is …
  9. What I continue to believe about happiness, even though I have evidence in my life that what I believe about happiness is not true, is …
  10. What else there is to say about happiness is …

Now read your sentences again in full and think about them a bit (not too much). What do you notice? What conclusions do you draw? Write down your conclusions:


Now, notice how much about happiness you assume, guess, are not sure of, etc. Also, how many conditions you put on being happy.

Realize that to be happy you need to decide to be happy right now. You can do it by choosing to be where you are how you are. Simply say: I choose to be a bus driver, struggling with life, not being able to afford … etc. Notice that you are not lying to yourself saying that your situation is good. You simply choose it. Once you choose it, you can find peace with it, and that will give you power to choose to create something better.

Now read your statements again, tomorrow and after a few days. Write down your conclusion.

To your success

Kamil K.

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2 Thoughts on “10 Questions To Discover What Happiness Really Is For You

  1. true, matter of fact i agree on the basis that one understanding the position that he or she is in can make you aware of what circumstance is. but, happiness really from my point of view comes from when ur current status changes to a better one for some! but, for others its happiness with in! what ever you are what ever you do in life there are options that appear in front of you some u need to reach some are like doos u need to open. you have to make the effort and take the turn, that turn should not be with regret! so, finally we arrive at regret, no regret is wonderful bliss of happiness!
    just wanted to share my thoughts with you
    friend from down under!

    • HI.

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that that sometimes you need to make an effort.

      In this post I wanted people to think about what happiness really is and isn’t. Everybody will have different conclusions. I just want people to think and verify their point of view.

      BTW, I’m not from down under. I was born in Poland, and now I live in the UK 🙂

      Kamil K.

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